Collaboration between CIHC and Wacana, the scientific ‘Journal of Humanities’ of the Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta has resulted in a two-part special edition ‘Chinese Indonesians in Historical Perspective’ Vol 18, No.1 & No. 2 (2017). The editors are Susi Moeimam and CIHC team member Maya Liem.
In 22 articles a wide variety of subjects are dealt with; the authors are affiliated with various scientific institutes in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Japan or are independent researcher. Four CIHC team members (Patricia Tjiook-Liem, Maya Liem, Ing Lwan Taga-Tan and Wiwi Tjiook) and five speakers on our Open days contributed to this special edition: Mary Somers Heidhues, Kwee Hong Sien, Francine Brinkgreve, Willem van der Molen and Siem Tjong Han.

The double issue costs Rp 120,000, -; Shipping costs amount to approx. Rp 200,000, -.
Further information can be obtained from Hana  (Email : wacana@ui.ac.id).

Wacana is available online at the Brill website: http://brill.com/waca. It is possible to download the articles in pdf.

It is a great pleasure to publish a comprehensive double issue edition of Wacana, Journal of the Humanities of Indonesia which is centred on the theme “Chinese Indonesians”. Although scholarly research on this topic got off to a good start in the 1980s, in the last few decades we have witnessed a strong increase in the interest in many aspects of the life of Chinese Indonesians. This double issue edition of Wacana is a reflection of this ongoing trend. As can be seen from the indexes, the articles deal with a wide variety of issues in the fields of history, cultural heritage, life history, politics, architecture, theatre, literature, linguistics and philosophy, and religion.
The publication of this double issue “Chinese Indonesians in historical perspective I and II” is the result of a co-operation between the Chinese Indonesian Heritage Center (CIHC) in the Netherlands and Wacana. CIHC is engaged in collecting and preserving the cultural heritage of Chinese Indonesians who have migrated to the Netherlands. In its activities, the organization works closely together with the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) and other academic institutes, with the Nationaal Museum voor Volkenkunde (National Museum of Ethnology) and the Asian Library in Leiden. We sincerely hope that, as the result of a successful joint effort, this special edition will contribute to the stimulation of new studies on Chinese Indonesians in Indonesia, the Netherlands and beyond.

Susi Moeimam and Maya H.T. Liem
The editors


Patricia Tjiook-Liem
The Chinese from Indonesia in the Netherlands and their heritage Chinese Indonesian Heritage Center (CIHC)

Yumi Kitamura

Long way home
The life history of Chinese-Indonesian migrants in the Netherlands

Alexander van der Meer and Martijn Eickhoff
Indonesian Chinese in the Netherlands and the legacies of violence
in colonial and post-colonial Indonesia

Maya H.T. Liem and Ing Lwan Taga-Tan
Between ideology and experience
Siauw Giok Tjhan’s legacy to his daughter Siauw May Lie

Mary Somers Heidhues
Violent, political, and administrative repression of the Chinese minority in Indonesia, 1945-1998

Dewi Anggraeni
Chinese Indonesians after May 1998
How they fit in the big picture

Adrianus L.G, Waworuntu, Zeffry Alkatiri, and Fuad Gani
The strategic adaptation of Chinese-Manadonese in the Reform Era

Thung Ju Lan
Confucius Institute at Universitas Al Azhar, Jakarta
The unseen power of China

Evi Sutrisno
Moral is political
Notions of ideal citizenship in Lie Kim Hok’s Hikayat Khonghoetjoe

Steve Haryono
Chinese officers in Cirebon

Kwee Hong Sien
The house of Kwee Sik Po
An Indonesian-Chinese merchant from Pasuruan

Summary of PhD thesis
Dwi Susanto
Chinese society as depicted in early twentieth century Chinese-Malay literature

Francine Brinkgreve and Johanna Leijfeldt
The Chinese-Indonesian collections in the National Museum of World Cultures, the Netherlands

Liesbeth Ouwehand
Chinese photographers and their clientele in the Netherlands Indies, 1890-1940

Siem Tjong Han
Chinese correspondence in Dutch East Indies, 1865-1949

Leonard Blussé
The Kai Ba Lidai Shiji 开吧历代史记
An autonomous history of the Chinese community of Batavia/Jakarta in the VOC periode

Willem van der Molen
Sajarah Cina
A nineteenth-century apology in Javanese

Didi Kwartanada
Bangsawan prampoewan
Enlightened Peranakan Chinese women from early twentieth century Java

Ravando Lie
Dr Oen Boen Ing
Patriot doctor, social activist, and the doctor of the poor

Melani Budianta
Culture, power, and identity
The case of Ang Hien Hoo, Malang

Erwiza Erman
Chinese taukeh, labourer, and the state control
Case study of Panglong in eastern region of Sumatra (1890-1930)

C.W. Watson
An early story of Khoo Ping Hoo

Wiwi Tjiook
Pecinan as an inspiration
The contribution of Chinese Indonesian architecture to an urban environment