To achieve her objectives the Chinese Indonesian Heritage Center must reach a wide audience. For this purpose the CIHC organizes an Open Day every two years, where scientists, researchers and others present various aspects of our history in an accessible way.
It also carries out these goals on other events such as TongTong Fair, symposia and small-scale events such as gatherings of Chinese-Indonesian associations, and giving interviews to the press in the Netherlands and beyond.
The fourth public day will take place in 2018. Further information follows.\

Upcoming events


Chinese Attire and Batik in Indonesia:

Tempo Doeloe until the 21st Century 

Saturday, January 29, 2022
14.00 – 16.00 CET/ 20.00-22.00 Jakarta time

Overview past events


March 30: Leiden University Asia Year
Participation in the symposium organized by SVS Leiden (Students Union Sinology).
Talks by Kioe Bing Yap and Ing Lwan Taga-Tan: ‘The migration history of Indonesian Chinese to the Netherlands’.

May 22: Lian Yi Hui Association
Ing Lwan Taga-Tan talks about CIHC and three generations Indonesian Chinese in the Netherlands.


March 19: Museum of Ethnology, Leiden
Guided tour of the exhibition ‘Link between two cultures’.

June 24: CIHC Open Day Leiden


April 16: Museum of Ethnology Leiden
Symposium in association with the Museum of Ethnology on the occasion of the opening of the peranakan exhibition ‘Link between two cultures’.

May 27: Tong Tong Fair
Lina Sidarto interviews artist FX Harsono, laureate Prince Claus Award 2014.

April-June: CIHC-KITLV fellowship
FX Harsono receives a CIHC-KITLV fellowship which enables him to continue his research on the violence against the Chinese population in Indonesia 1945-1949.

June 30: KITLV, Leiden
FX Harsono presents the results of his research.

November 30: Publication in Indonesian weekly magazine Tempo
Lina Sidarto writes an article about the CIHC, 2017-11-30, pp. 57-63


April 5: De Vriendschap Association
Kioe Bing Yap talks about his book ‘My father from Semarang’.

April 11: CIHC Open Day, Leiden

June 1: Tong Tong Fair
Pay-Uun Hiu interviews Twie Tjoa within the scope of the CIHC-Oral History project
Christopher Ng, talk about ‘Shanghai dress and the peranakan’.


June 2: Tong Tong Fair
Patricia Tjiook-Liem talks about CIHC

November 9: De Vriendschap Association
Patricia Tjiook-Liem talks about ‘Family history as Heritage’


June 1: CIHC Open day, Leiden