Heritage materiaal

(UB Leiden and Museum of Ethnology Leiden)

One of the objectives of the CIHC foundation is to preserve heritage material of and about the Chinese from Indonesia. Donations of heritage material such as family documents, family archives, photo’s and films can be presented to the Library of University Leiden (UBL). For other objects you can contact the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden. The museum has a peranakan collection.
For such donations the CIHC foundation acts as an intermediary.
If you are considering a donation, please contact one of the following persons for more information:

dr. Patricia Tjiook-Liem
+31 20 636 1956

UB-Leiden :
dr. Doris Jedamski, curator Special Collections
+31 71 527 1587

temporary substitute :
drs. L. Ouwehand, Special Collections
+31 71 527 1456

Museum of Ethnology :
dr. Francine Brinkgreve, curator Insular Southeast Asia
+31 88 004 2858